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Mrs. Ukraine Worldwide: A Profile of Resilience and Giving

Journeys are often not traveled in straight smooth lines, but weaves through challenges and unexpected curves. Siuzanna Iglidan, the current Mrs. Ukraine Worldwide, shares her journey from Odessa, Ukraine, to the stages of Los Angeles, and epitomizes the importance of support for her community. 

Siuzanna was raised in Odessa in a family of educators and artists who helped cultivate her love for music. With a master's degree in Performing Arts, she specializes in the bandura (a traditional Ukrainian multi-string instrument), orchestra conducting, piano, and opera singing. She has traveled across Europe performing at various international festivals. 

As a university student in 2014, Siuzanna immigrated to the United States to study English. Without a family support system nearby, she arrived in Denver before heading to Los Angeles to further pursue her music career and build proficiency with her new language. She found support from her music community and enjoyed opportunities performing with the Los Angeles Metropolitan Opera, Center Stage Opera and Golden State Pops Orchestra. She was honored to appear with John Legend at the 2022 Annual Grammy Awards! Siuzanna returned to Denver when the pandemic started in 2020 to be closer to friends and helped students struggling to learn online. And it was here where she met her future husband and settled down. 

Siuzanna champions philanthropic causes close to her heritage. She raises money for Ukrainian orphanages and refugees and organizes international music marathons to support doctors in war-torn regions.  

Siuzanna appreciates the important need for benefit assistance provided by Benefits in Action. Her own family's journey to America as Ukrainian refugees underscores the vital lifeline these programs offer. And as a result, she proudly serves as an ambassador for Benefits in Action, helping amplify the work their team of navigators provide to adults in Colorado. 

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